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Addiction to drugs is a prevalent problem in communities across the United States. Often, the only way for the person to break the addiction is through a drug rehab facility. With many types of treatment centers available and numerous therapy methods, it can be difficult to know which one to select.

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Understanding the Need for Drug Rehab

Before a person can select the right drug rehab facility, he or she must understand why treatment is needed. While you may picture an addict on the street unable to function or someone who looks like an addict, many times the condition is not as readily apparent.

You must recognize the symptoms of addiction to know when treatment at a drug rehab center is necessary.

  • The person cannot stop using the drug even if he or she tries.
  • The person thinks about getting the drug or how it can be obtained often.
  • Other obligations are neglected and appointments cancelled or missed so that the person can get high.
  • The body adjusts to the presence of the drug and suffers withdrawal symptoms when it is absent.

In addition, each drug has signs of its own that someone is using.

What Happens in an Addiction Treatment Facility?

While you may think of treatment as detoxification, this is only the first step in treatment. If no further treatment is obtained, it is highly likely that the addict while resume the drug abuse. That is why it is essential for people to receive treatment even if they are able to stop abusing drugs for a period of time.

Detoxification is a process where the body chemistry must readjust to not having access to the drug. During this time, the body will crave the drug and will exhibit symptoms of withdrawal. This stage can last a day or two or more than a week. Once detox if completed, the addict should move on to the next stage of rehab.

In the second phase of addiction rehab, the person addresses the issue of why he or she began abusing drugs in the first place. It is during this time that other conditions or situations are examined. The person learns coping skills to deal with problems instead of turning to drugs. He or she replaces the negative habits with positive methods of stress relief.

How to Choose the Right Drug Rehab Facility

Every addict is unique. He or she has distinct triggers and issues and also a unique personality. Because of this fact, numerous types of drug addiction facilities exist. They offer various programs to appeal to different kinds of patients. What works for one person may not be effective for someone else.

You can break all treatment facilities down to two categories: inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient or residential programs require the person to stay at the facility for a period of time. Outpatient programs treat the patient during the day and allow the addict to go home at night.

Within these two broad categories are numerous programs. Many facilities offer several programs and treatment options to patients. It often takes a combination of therapies to make up a treatment plan for each patient. Some common types of therapies include:

  • Behavioral
  • Motivation incentives
  • Motivation interviewing
  • Medication therapy

Alternative therapies also exist to enhance the treatment program. Before choosing a facility, take the time to find out what each one offers. The more programs that are available often increases the chance of success for some people. On the other hand, some facilities focus on one or two programs with a high success rate.

If you or someone you know needs help with a drug addiction, find a program that fits you by calling Drug Treatment Centers Amherst at (716) 217-4122. Rehab can help you begin the process of recovery.

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