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Moral reconation therapy is a relatively new treatment method for addiction that has only been around for a few decades. It has been shown as a viable treatment option that has had great success, especially for those who have struggled and failed with other methods.

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The History of Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral reconation therapy was developed in 1985 for treatment of addicts in prison. It was developed by Dr. Gregory Little and Dr. Kenneth Robinson as a way to promote permanent change in drug addicts in the legal system. Today, it is used in many hospitals, clinics and treatment facilities with high success rates.

Eight main issues are addressed in moral reconation therapy (MRT).

  • Confronting current beliefs and behaviors
  • Assessing relationships
  • Reinforcing positive actions and behaviors
  • Forming a positive identity
  • Increase of self-awareness
  • Decreasing focus on seeking pleasure
  • Developing a higher level of tolerance to frustrations
  • Increased moral reasoning

How MRT Works

MRT is a 12-step program that follows a basic process that may take several months to complete. Regular sessions are scheduled with each addict being given a workbook that includes homework to be completed.

Some facilities hold group meetings with each person at a different stage in the process. Other facilities allow the person to watch videos and complete the homework. Regardless of the method, the basic process stays the same.

Each step must be completed before the person can move on to the next step. They must be completed in order. The steps are as follows:

  • Accept responsibility for your own actions
  • Learn how to trust yourself and others in your life
  • Become more tolerant of the world and accept it for the way it is; recognize that you must deal with your own problems
  • Learn to become more self-aware
  • Assess your relationships, accept responsibility for the damage and learn ways to begin mending them
  • Help others by doing good deeds for those who cannot return the favor
  • Set long-term goals for your life and short-term goals that are in line with the long-term plans
  • Learn to keep your commitments
  • Recognize negative behaviors in your life and develop a plan to remove them
  • Continue making positive decisions
  • Reassess your goals and make decisions that help you become a better person

With MRT, the person must confront past mistakes and behaviors while assessing current relationships. They must learn how to reinforce positive actions and behaviors and develop a positive identity. At the same time, tolerance to frustration must increase as the addict develops new and better reasoning skills and has an improved awareness for how their actions affect other people.

In this program, moral does not refer to religions aspects of morality. Instead, the focus is on making decisions that are considerate of others instead of focused on self. The addict begins to understand how their actions impact others and takes responsibility for those actions.

Is MRT Right For You?

MRT is a complex program that can take several months to over a year to implement. It requires a strong commitment to overcoming addiction and the ability to work through major issues. MRT is not necessary for every addict, but it is designed to work with those who have not achieved success by other methods.

When considering a treatment facility for your addiction problem, find out if it includes MRT as part of the treatment options or if it specializes in this method if you feel it may be right for you.

MRT is not right for everyone, but it can be a viable option for those who are ready for the work involved. Call Drug Treatment Centers Amherst at (716) 217-4122 and speak to our addiction specialists to find out if this therapy can work for you.

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