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One of the most important steps in overcoming any type of addiction is choosing from the available recovery programs. In fact, this is often the most important decision next to the decision to get help. What you may not realize is that numerous options exist for rehab recovery programs and that each one is unique.

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Choosing the Right Recovery Programs and Therapy Options

Every addict is different with their own story, personality and cultural background. No single program will work for every person, which is why so many different recovery programs exist. Choosing the right one can mean the difference between success and failure in overcoming addiction.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction and you are seeking help, take time to find out which type of program is best suited for you. To accomplish this task, you need to understand what is available.

Therapy Types

Numerous therapy options exist. One of the most popular and successful is behavioral or cognitive therapy. This program focuses on changing a person’s behaviors and thought processes to avoid substance abuse in the future. It takes shape in many ways, depending on the type of treatment chosen.

Another kind of therapy is motivational interviewing. This method has received positive results in many studies because the focus is on helping the addict develop motivation to stop abusing. In this method, the treatment provider asks questions to help the person develop internal motivation to stop the drug or alcohol abuse. Motivational interviewing is often used in conjunction with behavioral treatments.

Treatment Options

Within the program you will find many treatment choices. When a person goes to a facility for treatment, they is evaluated and a treatment plan is created. It may include multiple methods to help in the recovery process. These methods may be changed or added to as the person goes along. In some cases, a treatment may be added if the person doesn’t seem to respond to other methods. While there are numerous options available, here is a list of a few of them:

  • Group therapy – often seen as the typical recovery program, group therapy does have a place in most treatment facilities and helps provide support for the addict
  • Individual counseling – designed to help the addict address issues that they is not comfortable working through in a group format
  • Music or art therapy – the person engages in a creative activity to help him or her express emotions when words won’t come
  • Equine therapy – allows the person to establish a relationship and develop trust with an animal which may be easier than trying to do the same thing with a person; it also teaches the person responsibility for another living creature
  • Family therapy – used to help the person deal with broken relationships and issues that either caused the addiction or were the result

What Makes a Treatment Effective

No one treatment method will work for everyone. To determine which treatment will be most effective, the therapist must understand what caused the person’s addiction and how they responds. Alternative treatments such as music or art therapy or equine therapy work well for someone who cannot verbally communicate their feelings.

It is not uncommon for an addict to try a new therapy halfway through a program. The goal with all of these treatment options is to help the person deal with their addiction and to equip the addict for the future.

When you choose a program, consider one that offers many methods, especially those you find most interesting or ones that you think you would be willing to try. Find out what recovery treatment options are available when you call Drug Treatment Centers Amherst at (716) 217-4122.

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