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Drug addiction is not a disease that can be cured. It is an ongoing battle for the person who has been addicted to some type of substance in the past. Relapse prevention is a continual process that often requires ongoing treatment in one form or another.

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The Importance of Relapse Prevention

Studies estimate that approximately half of the people who seek treatment for a drug addiction will relapse in the future. This includes those who make one mistake as well as those who revert back to the former lifestyle. In many cases, they are not equipped to deal with temptation or they face something they are not prepared for.

Relapse prevention is designed to prepare people for the temptations and challenges they will face. Relapse prevention programs are not a guarantee that the person will never struggle with addiction, but they do give the addict tools to overcome the challenges.

Often, the addiction happened because of other underlying issues that may be still present in the person’s life. To avoid relapsing back into drug or alcohol use, the person must find new ways to deal with the issues.

How Prevention Programs Work

Many addiction facilities have special programs focused on aftercare once treatment has been completed. These programs may begin towards the end of treatment and continue after the person has returned home.

In these programs, the addict learns how to deal with potential triggers. He or she may learn job skills and receive other help in finding a job. Halfway houses and sober living facilities are part of relapse programs to help a person transition back into society without relapsing.

The addict may attend meetings for education and support long after treatment has been concluded. An example of a program that helps prevent relapse is the 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous. A person can attend as many meetings as he or she needs.

It may start out at one per week and move towards one per month or the person may find times when he or she needs to attend a meeting every day. With these programs, you don’t have to sign up or be obligated to a certain number or time of meetings. It is a support program for the times when you need help.

Preventing relapse is a serious issue, but it doesn’t mean it can’t include fun. Many programs include social events and fun activities for recovering addicts. Recreational events allow the person the chance to bring fun back into his or her life and teach new skills for coping with addiction.

It is common for addicts to associate drug and alcohol use with parties and social activities since this may be how the addiction began. Through programs that prevent relapse and offer social events, the addict learns how to have fun without the presence of these substances.

Finding a Program to Prevent Relapse

The first option is to check with the addiction treatment facility to see what programs it offers or what is recommended. The next thing to do is look for 12-step programs like AA or Narcotics Anonymous. You must realize that addiction is something you will deal with for the rest of your life. Finding ongoing support is often essential in continuing on the path to recovery.

Enlist the support of friends and family to help prevent relapse, but also look for formal programs that you can turn to anytime you are struggling. Many of them provide sponsors that you can call when you need help. You can be successful in overcoming addiction, but realize that it is a continual process.

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